Funeral Training with Heart and Soul

Being a Funeral Celebrant is a vital and multi-faceted role which takes time to learn and to consolidate.

You need the best possible training to prepare you thoroughly, because your very first funeral has to be excellent to meet the needs of that family.

Our exclusive* Level 3 Diploma For Funeral Celebrants UK is just what you need if you want to take on the tender and soulful work of helping a family create a beautiful, meaningful and memorable funeral ceremony. Come and train with us to learn how to accompany a grieving family professionally, skilfully and with authenticity.

You will learn to listen deeply to what your client wants, write an accurate and beautiful funeral ceremony and, with the help of a voice coach and a ‘presence’ workshop, you will become skilled to deliver this with warmth, authenticity, ceremony and calm reassurance.

We strongly believe that funeral celebrancy is not something that can be learned in a few days or on a correspondence course. It requires depth, thought, soulfulness. And this is why here, at Green Fuse Training, you will be taught by successful practitioners who have led thousands of funerals and trained over 600 funeral celebrants throughout the world.

Having been teaching for over ten years, we have gained the reputation of a leading UK funeral celebrant training provider. Your teachers are also award winning funeral directors.

With us you will find a more meaningful course that enhances your personal development as well as providing you with a rewarding career. Our courses provide flexible learning in small groups to ensure that you get the best training possible.

  • Julie Fox
    I started my Green Fuse training in November 2017 and I can honestly say it completely changed my life! The sessions were so interesting and insightful - we were encouraged to examine our own beliefs and explore our own strengths and challenges in a very meaningful way. I had considered just jumping in the deep end and becoming a celebrant without the training but I’m so glad I didn’t do that - when I finished the course and went out to meet funeral directors, I was able to talk knowledgeably and professionally about the industry and I had a very clear understanding of what they would be looking for.
    I’ve kept in touch with all of the people on my Green Fuse course and we often help each other with ideas and difficult services. I also find the Green Fuse celebrants group really useful - people are so generous with their time and ideas.
    I’ve just taken my 50th funeral and haven’t regretted my new career for a second. It’s a privilege to be the witness to someone’s life story and nothing is more rewarding than a family member or friend telling you that you have captured their loved one exactly as they were.
    Julie Fox
  • What can I say!? Thank you so much Jane and Simon. You have done a great job. My first funeral as a celebrant, and even the crematorium phoned to say thanks and what a good job it was.
  • Gil Barnett
    What I love about this job is that we can follow our hearts and give over and above what is expected . . . Green Fuse changed my life.
    Gil Barnett
  • Sue Goodrum
    What makes our ceremonies different? The care, thought and depth of feeling poured into each funeral, to show love and give thanks before saying goodbye.
    Sue Goodrum
  • Amanda Hurrell
    Thank you for the inspirational course – it vastly exceeded my expectations and I am really impressed with how it is structured. Your experience, support, continuity and encouragement to do this vital work well has been so appreciated.
    Amanda Hurrell
  • Paul Hamby
    The opportunities provided for us by Green Fuse are seemingly limitless and certainly inspirational. Fresh ideas, new ways of doing things that make us all that little bit special and to be honest I love to be a part of Green Fuse.
    Paul Hamby
  • Vanessa Milligan
    I was thinking about you this morning as it’s now been a year since I first came on your training course. I loved every minute of our five days together and thanks to everything I learned from you I am now making my living as a celebrant. I’ve lost count of the number of people who have told me that mine was the best funeral they have ever attended. Your training on eulogy writing, flow and ritual have been invaluable. I would like to thank you most heartily for setting me up for such a rewarding career. I had no idea how life affirming it was going to be and, astonishingly, how much fun. I thought I might struggle with the sadness of it all but this is far from the case.
    Vanessa Milligan
  • Cliff Smith
    I want to say thank you for the celebrant training. After the service someone introduced himself as the quality inspector for contract funerals, and told me it was the best he’d seen anywhere. And that was my first funeral! After that the paid work started coming in. So thanks again to the Green Fuse team for making it happen.
    Cliff Smith
  • Judith Hinman
    The training has real depth and impact. I have learnt a huge amount about all aspects of the work – not just about funerals, but about grief, active listening, presentation, group work – all handled so sensitively and thoughtfully by the trainers. Who would have thought a course about funerals could be so stimulating and so joyful!
    Judith Hinman
  • Claire Steel
    Thank you so much for the wonderful training. I felt remarkably calm because I knew what I needed to do, and the ceremony went so well. The feedback was wonderful, many people said it was not like any other funeral they had ever been to, and two people asked for my card. Today I had a lovely email from the family and James Showers, the funeral director.
    Claire Steel
  • Cecilia le Poer Power
    World class training. In depth, thorough, highly professional and run by thoughtful, caring and wonderful people who work full time in the industry. I can’t fault it in any way.
    Cecilia le Poer Power

Course content

History and modern context of funerals

  • A brief history of funerals
  • The impact of current social and cultural trends on funerals
  • Re-visioning funeral ceremonies
  • What and who is a funeral for?

Creating Ritual Theatre

  • What makes a good funeral?
  • The importance of ritual space
  • The ceremony as a means of transition
  • How to create ritual
  • Appreciating the importance of the place
  • The roles of beauty and movement
  • Orchestrating all the elements of the funeral.

Listening and communication – working with families

  • Working with bereaved people
  • Active listening skills and practice
  • Keeping with the agenda of the family
  • Working with families in conflict
  • Semi-structured interviewing
  • Devising a ceremony collaboratively with the family

Writing ceremonial scripts

  • How to structure a funeral ceremony
  • Preparing opening and closing words
  • How to write a good eulogy or life story
  • Reflecting the character and beliefs of the person who has died
  • Choosing words and poetry
  • Using poetic, elevated language and idiom
  • Words for the committal to reflect individual beliefs
  • Different types of funeral ceremonies for sudden, early and complicated deaths

Personal presentation skills

  • Managing yourself and your emotions
  • Creating a safe emotional space
  • Developing personal presence and appropriate authority
  • Speaking in public
  • Leading singing (even if you ‘don’t’ sing!)
  • Using your voice for different modes of expression
  • Being a calm and reassuring presence

Business and marketing

  • The business of being a funeral celebrant
  • Using technology
  • Knowing your USPs and your local market
  • Building your local resources
  • Liaising with other funeral professionals
  • How to operate as an independent funeral celebrant, including brochures, marketing and charging
  • Joining the green fuse guild and celebrants’ forum

Why choose us?

Our exclusive* Level 3 Diploma For Funeral Celebrants UK is just what you need if you want to take on the tender and soulful work of helping a family create a beautiful, meaningful and memorable funeral ceremony. Come and train with us to learn how to accompany a grieving family professionally, skilfully and with kindness.

Over 600 celebrants trained since 2008

Flexible learning including practical groups, personal mentoring, distance learning, videos & practical experience

Small personal groups of 8 people

Emphasis on the importance of ritual, ceremony and beauty in funerals

Nationally recognised Level 3 Diploma accreditation

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